What happens in a Pantarei Session?


A Pantarei Session is a very individual Process. To get to know you and to understand what you came for, we start with a 10-15 minutes talk. Then we dive into a 40 minutes hands-on-session where we explore together what your body tells us about the topic that you brought. We aim for loosening up tensions and gaining back the flow that we need in order to either change your connection with the topic or learn to look lovingly at it. After that you have 10 minutes to rest. We end the session with a short talk about what we learned from your body and how you can integrate this feeling in your everyday life.

Should I take more Sessions?

One session can be followed by a process of four to five sessions to gain deeper understanding and knowledge about you, about how this topic is connected to your life and how you can manage to take it from here to the future. We all come from a very specific past that has shaped us and go towards a future that we want to shape. It is the now that enables us to connect the two and make the move we want to make in life. The Pantarei Approach gives us the room to explore our feelings, to dive deeper into questions we keep carrying and to let go of beliefs that don’t do us good. It is a time for us to understand where we are, where we have been and where we want to go.