The Pantarei Approach

pantarei„As the body is the basis of all functions of reality, any increase in the contact of a person with his or her body will produce a significant improvement of our self image (body image) of their interpersonal relationships, the quality of their thinking and the ability to enjoy life.“  – Loli Urquia

​The Pantarei-Apprach reconnects ourselves to our bodies through a combination of verbal communication and touch. We listen, talk and move together to learn what your body knows about a specific topic, problem or a general feeling in your life – aiming for more clarity, confidence and understanding for the topic you bring.

As a student of the Pantarei-Approach I’m currently giving sessions for 20,- Euro for a one-hour-session. Book your session by contacting me with your favourite time (Mon-Sat 9am-5pm).


What can I gain from a session or from a process (4-5 sessions)?

  • Find a new balance in life.
  • Come back to the place where you truly love yourself.
  • Learn to enjoy to be connected with your body.
  • Stop dealing alone with difficulties.
  • Find joy in who you are and who wish to be.
In the safe space of a Pantarei session you can explore, explain and experience the topic that you deeply care about.