I’m currently a student of the Pantarei-Approach and happy to give sessions. As I’m still in training, I’ll take 20,- Euro for a one-hour-session. Contact me for booking. Our first session will be free (and 75 minutes), so we can get to know each other.

The Pantarei-Apprach is a way to reconnect ourselves with our bodies, combining verbal communication and touch. We’ll listen, talk and move together with your body, to see its expression about a specific topic, problem or a general feeling in your life – aiming for more confidence, clarity and empathy with the being that you are.

As the body is the basis of all functions of reality, any increase in the contact of a person with his or her body will produce a significant improvement of our self image (body image) of their interpersonal relationships, the quality of their thinking and the ability to enjoy life.” Loli Urquia

Pantarei Approach student logo



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